Beyond DLP

Protecting data within company boundaries and beyond

The Future of DLP is Here


Risk free, transparent


Automatic protection depending on vector of attack


Sensitive information is protected throughout all 3 stages of digital data

A DLP solution Built for protection

CenturyLink’s Beyond DLP™️ solution is a leading Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution used by organizations to protect against internal and external threats automatically. 

CenturyLink Beyond DLP™ takes a proactive approach to protect data within company boundaries and beyond. Using Artificial Intelligence, behavior analysis, and deception techniques, Beyond DLP™ secures and protects all three stages of digital data. CenturyLink’s DLP solution is built to protect data from the inside out, differentiating between two vectors of attack and handling them automatically.

External Attacker

Someone outside the organization that's taken advantage of an internal employee's endpoint in order to harm or steal data

CenturyLink response:

Automatically blocks and isolates the compromised endpoint, and provides important forensic information to the security department even after data exfiltration

Internal Employee

Someone inside the organization that's intentionally or unintentionally misused, exposed or harmed company data

CenturyLink response:

Detects abnormal behavior and calculates risk levels to automatically block activity or educate and empower employees to handle critical data with the proper care

Critical Information at​ YOUR FINGERTIPS

Beyond DLP™ automatically plants thousands of SoftwareMines™ around your organization’s file storages, both on-premise and cloud. When a SoftwareMine™ gets opened outside of the organization, you will immediately receive critical forensic information about the breach. 

This information can be used to understand exactly what happened in order to improve data security measures within the company, and put the control back into the Security Department’s hands.

Protect all stages of your
organization's data with
the latest in DLP

Key benefits

Plug & play

AI-based solution automatically protects against internal and external threats

Fully transparent

Zero inline network appliances or endpoint agents needed on employee devices

Employee productivity

No effect on employee productivity, while real-time education keeps them aware

Meet regulations

Meets top regulation requirements such as GDPR, CCPA, PCI and Hipaa